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Tired of your “non stick” scratching, not being able to go in the dishwasher and wondering if it’s good for your health? (it’s not).
Stainless steel is your non stick and plastic alternative. Dishwasher friendly, recyclable, versatile and long lasting.

You’ll fall in love with our products. We know you will. 

Shiny Things our Customers Love

Experience the joy of magical metal in your kitchen

Why Choose Us?

It’s not just any steel, it’s stainless steel

In a grade all of our own

We are Australia's only stainless steel kitchenware brand and bakeware is our biggest passion.

Show steeling products

Stainless steel is what we do and love. We think you'll fall in love (like we have) with its ease of use and results.

Award winning metal

Showcasing our stainless steel strength through winning eco friendly and sustainable awards.

Platinum Customer Service

We love our customers and we want you to love us. So we only offer the best customer service.

Iron clad quality guarantee

There's steel and there's steel. We use the best grade for the job while still keeping it affordable for you.

Forged by a low tox lifestyle

At the base of all we do is low tox living principles. Is it good for us? Is it good for the planet? That's how we roll.

Hear from our satisfied customers

Fantastic range of otherwise hard to find low tox products. And the customer service is second to none.
Melissa MARTIN
Customer service was spot on and delivery was great. All boxed up carefully with recyclable material. What a perfect experience.
Excellent products and service. I highly recommend this store for a wide range of great products.

Our Achievements

We know our steel and our low tox. Our Founder is a proud expert panel member and certified coach
Clean Conscious Expert Panel Member 2023
Clean Conscious Expert Panel Member 2022
Clean Conscious Expert Panel Member 2021
Low Tox Life Certified Coach
No PFOAs, non stick or unknown chemical coatings here

Make stainless steel your friend

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