Solid Timber Board – Small Rustic


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Our beautiful handmade boards are solid timber, with no glues, no joins and are coated in a low tox finish.

As these are made from a solid piece of wood (a real tree not left over pieces glued together) you will notice the unique features of timber – knots, small holes, varying grain, etc. We do not remove these features.

In our “rustic versions” there are unique features on both sides of the board or more features than our chopping board grade timber.


  • Food safe
  • No glues, no joins
  • Solid timber – one piece
  • Finished in our board wax (available for sale to replenish your boards which is handmade from Organic Certified Jojoba Oil and Organic Certified Beeswax)

Please Note: If you are purchasing from NZ please check with your local customs if these items are allowed for import as they may be stopped in transit.

Due to the cost of raw materials, and the handmade natural of these items,  they are not included in any sales or promotions.

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