Listing Guide

A guide to help you create a great listing
  1. Select the listing type you would like to list under (Product, Service or Food).
  2. The “title” will be the title of your listing
  3. The “description” field is flexible and contains most of your information. You might like to add headings to split up text. We recommend “About Our Business” and “About Our Product or Service”
  4. If you do not have a physical address to share, please enter your city only (You do not have to enter your home address) This field will be publicly displayed
  5. The category field should reflect your listing category. Select as many categories as your package includes. If your category is not displayed please select “Uncategorized” and place a note in the description area for ADMIN to review and advise. Your listing includes the Parent Category and the Child Category (ie. Baby and Kids, Teething) so select both
  6. Please upload Logo and Images in 3×2 or 6×4 image format. This will enable the best result for your listing. Images not in this format will be distorted or cropped. This size is a “standard” digital image size. If you need to resize try PicMonkey or Canva (you can simple create a blank template and add your image to it)
  7. All listings are reviewed so we will advise if we think there are errors
  8. Once you create an account you can manage your listing if you need to change anything.  Once the add is accepted it will be checked by ADMIN to ensure it meets our guidelines. If you need to make a change, please let us know

Optional Extras

These are some extras for your business to consider (but not required):

  • In your Website field you can nominate a dedicated tracking URL to see how much traffic comes from your listing (affiliate links are welcome)
  • If you’d like to offer any discounts or special codes please include them
  • If you’d like me to try something of yours and provide feedback or a review please get in touch

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