Directory FAQs

  1. Do you accept any business listings?

    Listings must be of a low tox or eco nature and meet our advertising guidelines. We may from time to time reject a listing based on it not meeting our definitions. We will contact the business and advise them why. They are welcome to re submit a listing if their business or products change in future.

    At this stage we are unfortunately unable to accept listings from MLM or network marketing businesses. 

  2. Do you check all ingredients and every product?

    It is not possible for us to check every ingredient, every product and every claim made by a business. We request information in regards to the business, ingredient policy and social / environmental responsibility to provide a better understanding. We conduct research checks on the supplied website to further ensure the listing meets the advertising guidelines. From time to time the business information may change after we have reviewed it and we may not have been informed. As soon as we are made aware we will discuss the listing further with the lister

  3. Are listings all toxin free?

    We adhere to a “low tox” methodology, which means lowering toxins in products / services / food. It is difficult to be completely no tox so low tox gives flexibility to assist a person’s journey towards reducing toxins. It is up to individuals to determine what products and services are right for them. If we know a business provides a mix of products and services we will add a disclaimer statement on the listing to advise this. 

  4. What is the criteria for a listing?

    The below criteria form the basis of listings but are not limited to this. The final acceptance of a listing is at the discretion of The Low Tox Project. From time to time companies change their product or service and we may not be aware.  We also rely on the company to be transparent with information when creating a listing. Some of the reasons for declining a listing include:


    • Any product that knowingly includes GMOs or Glysophate treated crops.
    • Non sustainable, non traceable palm oil 


    • Any products tested on animals
    • Any products containing non ethically sourced down


    • Harmful synthetic fragrance ingredients, PEGS, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol in skin contact products, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Petrochemicals, Propylene Glycol are some of the ingredients we don’t accept in product listings
    • Products that do not disclose their full ingredients


    • Artificial flavours, colours and additives
    • MSG in all its forms


    • While zero waste is an excellent goal, it is not possible with all products. The excessive use of plastics is not accepted.

    We rely on our advertisers to adhere to the guiding principals of low tox and eco when deciding to list with us. Some advertisers will not stock a full range of low tox or eco items and only some of their products meet the guidelines. Where this is known we will endeavour to call this out in the listing, request they apply again when their range changes or decline to listing

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