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The Low Tox Project’s vision is to provide people with sustainable, healthy, cooking products that are alternatives to plastic and can become a  mainstay in their kitchen.

We love stainless steel and the benefits that it brings to your home. Its can be recycled, is easy to clean, affordable and better for you and the environment. 

My hope is a world where natural options are readily available in shops, workplaces, healthcare, education and homes. Where people have the confidence to ask “what’s in this” and feel empowered to search for alternative options that are better for their health

Corrine Sultana

The Low Tox Project Founder

Our Founder

Corrine Sultana created The Low Tox Project to initially share low tox living ideas with others and to help her own research. In 2016 as a new mother she was shocked to find out the ingredients that were in her son’s baby wipes and how they might be harming his health. This sent her down the rabbit hole of ingredient research and the beginning of embracing a “low tox lifestyle” 

After creating a very engaged and supportive community on Facebook, Corrine found that people were struggling to find certain products for their own homes and in 2022 the Low Tox Project Shop was born.

Corrine has also offers a variety of other low tox services

“I’m passionate about helping people and supporting them to make change, in a way that feels genuine to them and at the right time”

Corrine Sultana The Low Tox Project

Testimonials for Corrine's Coaching

Corrine is an amazing source of knowledge which she offers in a grounded way that feels empowering and relevant to real-life living. My session with her was very informative and I feel well-equipped to make much better choices for my family's health
Artemiss K
I’m pretty new to this journey and honestly have found this group and Corrine so helpful. Everyone is kind and so very helpful. You have built a beautiful community
Tiffani B
I love that is is a safe space to try but not always be perfect. I love that it inspires me to do a little bit more to do the right thing for my health and my families health. I love that it shows me I am part of a community of like minded people and I am not alone
Liz H

Corrine's Low Tox Achievements

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