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10 Low Tox changes you can make without spending anything

Are you keen to make some low tox changes in your life but not sure right now is the best time?  Here’s a list of simple things to do that wont cost you any money that you can implement right now.

10 Easy Steps to get started with a low tox lifestyle

1. Stop using softener in your washing
Softeners are full of man made chemicals and large amounts of fragrance that are harmful to your health.

2. Don’t burn incense or fake scented candles
When lit, incense emits noxious gases and volatile organic compounds, some of which are known carcinogens. Scented candles often contain harmful artificial fragrances which can disrupt your hormones. Some cheap imported candles still contain lead in their wicks.

3. Unplug your plug ins
Those automatic scent dispensers are full of synthetic ingredients many composed of petrochemicals including carcinogens, hormone disrupting chemicals and asthma triggers.

4. Don’t heat your food in plastic containers
Many plastics contain BPA or its replacement BPS. When the plastic is heated up it releases these toxins into the food. BPA is a hormone disrupting chemical that has been linked to childhood obesity, infertility, breast and prostate cancer and more.

5. Photograph your receipts if needed, then bin them
The thermal receipts for shops and ATMs contain BPA.

6. Take your shoes off before you come into the house
Toxic chemicals are all around us. We walk in them everyday. From weed killers to road base. Taking your shoes off before you enter the house keeps them out. Have a dedicated pair of indoor shoes if you need them.

7. Reduce the amount of dust in your house
Dust is full of skin cells, pollutants, pet dander and more. It can trigger allergies and bring harmful chemicals into our home. Wipe surfaces down with a damp cloth and dust/vacuum regularly. Regular decluttering helps to keep dust down too.

8. Let the fresh air in
Open the windows and let the fresh air in. It’s good for your body and soul. If you live next to a major road or need to keep them close for other reasons, then do so with caution.

9. Give your bedding and pillows a good wash
This helps get rid of mould, dust mites, skin cells etc Your lounge pillows may also need a good clean!

10. Give up your perfume
Anything that contains synthetic perfumes and undisclosed ingredients is not good for your health for many of the above reasons and more.


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