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How to create and look after a perfect low tox, natural tan

How can I get a perfect looking low tox tan without the sun and unnecessary chemicals?

Did you know you can achieve a perfect looking low tox tan? I asked Anita from Bronzed Hunnyz Tanning to explain how 

How do you achieve a natural looking low tox tan?

Most people are a bit shocked to hear that you can get a natural looking low tox spray tan but it’s true! The first thing you have to check though is the product ingredients. There are plenty of spray tan solutions around that claim to be natural or organic but as we know these words get thrown around a lot.  The truth is the main active ingredient that creates the colour is actually natural, so the toxic extras are quite unnecessary.

Most spray tans do contain a number of synthetic and toxic ingredients including perfume and preservatives so can be very drying to the skin. In my salon I only use all-natural certified organic solutions that give great natural results. As a bonus these also do not contain synthetic dyes that stain the skin and can give you that orange tone which can fade into a patchy mess. Instead these products work with your own skin tone to create a natural looking tan that fades evenly and doesn’t stink!

Some people prefer to self-tan so I carry a range of low tox self-tanning products and can provide advice and guidance on how to use these. It is important to talk with an expert in low tox tanning as there are differences in application and use compared to mainstream tanning products.

What is the best way to look after your tan? 

How you look after your tan will make a huge difference to how good it looks and how long your tan will last. An important part of how you look after your tan starts even before your appointment. My clients will tell you that I am a stickler for perfect tan prep! Preparation before the tan involves thorough exfoliation the day before your appointment so that we are starting with a perfect base for the tan.

The single most common mistake that I hear about people making after having a spray tan in the past is the first rinse after their appointment. Many people will make this a full shower rather than a rinse, and do you know what happens then? Yep they wash away their tan. With any tan, but especially natural products, it is absolutely vital that the first rinse off is literally 30 seconds under luke warm water with no products, then pat dry. 24 hours later products can be used including moisturiser and sulphate free body wash. Even after the 24hr period, showers should be short and warm, not hot and moisturiser should then be applied.

What can people expect from their tanning experience?

People will often tentatively book in for a spray tan, they are worried about the process being scary and worry about the result being unnatural. I absolutely love when they are brave enough to put their trust in me to look after them and they leave with a big smile on their face and a spring in their step. They often message me the next day thanking me for making them feel so comfortable when they were so out of their comfort zone.  They are so happy because they have a beautiful glow and feel great. This is why I love what I do, it’s the best and it’s so much fun.

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Anita is a stockist of Ecotan, EcobySonya and Three Warriors

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